Shipping FAQ

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are charging flat-rate shipping rates to simplify the fulfillment process. Since our sizing system and product selection is very limited (only Adult and Kids sizes in one color), fulfilling your orders will be super straightforward. Please use the correct shipping address at the beginning as we will not be re-confirming them before shipping everything out. If your address does need to be changed, a member of our team will be happy to help you get it sorted. You can e-mail us at

We’re using fixed prices to simplify shipping. This will help us process orders so much faster on our end so that you can get your BioVYZR(s) sooner. The prices are based on estimates for a product whose specs (size & weight) are well defined. In some cases, it will be slightly more expensive or less expensive than the actual shipping cost. Shipments outside of Canada and the US may be subject to additional duties/VAT/taxes but since you are backing our project, they will be marked as a “gift”. That said, if you are billed for additional taxes or customs, it is your responsibility to pay that amount. Make sure you’re familiar with your country’s shipping rules and fees in advance to avoid any frustration.