Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BioVYZR compare with basic personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Masks and face shields are critical to reducing the transmission of diseases. However, when it comes to airborne pathogens, they provide limited protection. In the case of most face masks, outside air can easily leak in around the mask due to the absence of a tight seal around the nose/mouth. Where both masks and face shields are believed to provide good protection from large droplets, both do not shield from micro-particle aerosols suspended in the air that can reach the nose, mouth, and eyes.

I am a teacher/professor, and I am wondering if I can hear properly while wearing this and if my students can hear me?

From our experience, we would say that sound is diminished by 25% both ways. For teachers and professors, there are a few accessory technologies that can solve the problem. For improved hearing, there are a few personal sound amplifiers options like this one. For improved speaking, you can amplify your voice with something like this or this.


I have a business and I'd like BioVYZRs for our staff. Do you do large corporate orders?

Our existing network of manufacturer partners allows us to accommodate the majority of large orders. If you're a company or organization is looking to equip your staff and employees with BioVYZRs, reach out to to learn more about our range of customization options and group pricing.

What kind of filters does the BioVYZR use? Where do I buy refills?

The BioVYZR 1.0 uses custom made KN95 Particulate Filter Discs. Each BioVYZR comes with a box of 10 filters, packed in 5 pouches each containing a large Particulate Filter Disc (12cm diameter) and a small Particulate filter disc (8cm in diameter). The 12 cm disc is for the intake air vent and the 8cm disc is for the exit air vent. Each filter pair lasts for up to 60 hours of continuous use in normal conditions. Refills can be purchased here on our website,

Will the BioVYZR help protect me from COVID-19?

There are many strategies to protect yourself from COVID-19. A few include regular and rigorous hand washing, social distancing, self-isolation (whether you have symptoms or not) and avoiding crowded public spaces. Having the right personal protective equipment is a critical component of a wholistic precautionary approach to COVID-19. When used correctly, the BioVYZR is designed to provide a robust seal around your head and filters out airborne micro-particles.


    Does it come in other colours and designs?

    To simplify sourcing and get our first batch out to as many of you as possible, we are only producing the BioVYZR in black. We do intend to add new colors and designs in the future so be sure to sign up for our e-mail list to get updates on new colors, designs, and accessories.

    What if I have condition that makes breathing difficult?

    Wearing a BioVYZR may make breathing more difficult for those with respiratory conditions. People with known or suspected breathing problems, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, or cardio/pulmonary problems should consult with their physician before using a BioVYZR.

    Can I travel in a BioVYZR?

    If you purchase your BioVYZR specifically for air travel, we strongly advise that you reach out to your airline provider letting them know that you will be traveling with a PAPR device for protection. Depending on their latest guidelines and policies, they may or may not permit you to wear it during your flight. 

    Has the TSA approved this?

    We have not received feedback from the TSA on whether or not they have approved this.