Upgrading the BioVYZR 1.0 - What You Can Expect

Upgrading the BioVYZR 1.0 - What You Can Expect

A month ago we launched our IndieGogo campaign to crowd-fund the BioVYZR, a game-changing piece of personal protective gear designed to effectively protect against aerosol transmitted pathogens. 

To date, we’ve raised over $250,000 CAD to turn our prototype into reality. We’ve been taken aback by the demand and the interest, especially from the global community of healthcare providers. 

Over the last month, we’ve consulted hundreds of our backers to better understand the challenges they face, and how the BioVYZR can enhance their safety and comfort. As we listened, we saw opportunities to improve the functionality of the BioVYZR in ways that can greatly improve the wearer’s experience. 

Today, we’re extremely excited to share the final upgrades that have been incorporated into the BioVYZR 1.0: 


A (much) more powerful air filtration system

After repeated testing and optimization, we’ve redesigned the Air Purifying System to use a powerful blower instead of the fan. The blower we’re using allows us to greatly increase the flow of filtered air into the visor while maintaining an airtight seal around the air intake. 

Upgraded Air Filtration System for the BioVYZR 1.0

The structure that houses the blower can easily be assembled and attached/removed from the BioVYZR. It is positioned right behind the neck and has a low-profile so it doesn’t touch the head. We’ve added an extra layer of neoprene on the inside to provide additional cushioning. 

Once filtered through the air filtration system, the purified air is channeled through a tube that carries air to the top of the visor and directs it down between the wearer’s face and front shield. Not only does it feel like there’s a constant gentle breeze on your face, but it reduces the heat deflection from the face shield, eliminates fogging, and prevents any particulates from reaching your face.

Having tested the previous and current prototypes, the difference is a major improvement. 

Redirecting Air Flow in the BioVYZR

An incredibly durable (medical-grade) exterior

The requirement that our BioVYZRs be cleaned and disinfected regularly prompted our search for a medical-grade material that can handle the rigorous disinfection protocols used in healthcare settings. The material we decided to use:

  • is compatible with hospital-grade disinfectants
  • has a smooth surface for optimal disinfection
  • is bacteria and mildew resistant 
  • is stain-resistant to many substances
  • is durable and abrasion-resistant
  • is UV, heat and flame resistant 
  • is lightweight and waterproof (liquid barrier)

We’ll be using this material to ensure that your BioVYZR will be easy to wash and disinfect regularly.

Upgraded Exterior Material


A simplified filter replacement mechanism (one standard size)

In our early design, we had two types of filters - a circle for the inflow vent and the triangles for the exit air vents. We’ve decided to simplify our design to only use a 12cm diameter N95 filter. Each BioVYZR will require two filters at all times (instead of 3). One filter to filter the inflowing air, and another filter for air going out. Each filter can last for up to 60 hours of continuous use. Refills are sold in packs of 10, lasting for 300 hours of continuous use. If you plan to wear the BioVYZR for work, a pack of 10 filters will last for 25 days of 12-hour shifts. So if you’re planning stock up, you’ll need 1 pack of filters a month. 

New BioVYZR Filter Format

Added comfort for daily travel & journeys (reversible glove, pockets, ports, and windows)

We’ve added four important features to help you stay comfortable in the BioVYZR as you venture out and travel. 

First is the “reversible glove”. This is a feature designed to address the question of “how do I itch nose or adjust my glasses?”. Accessed through a discreet slit in the front of the visor, you simply stick your hand into a glove-shaped compartment. Once fitted, you can scratch your face, sneeze into a kleenex, adjust your glasses - all without touching your face. 

Second, we added two pockets to the BioVYZR. In the front is a small convenience pocket for little essentials. For doctors, there is a little port inside that allows the stethoscope tube to come out of the visor. If you use old-fashioned wire headphones, you can pass them through here. If you had a really long straw, you can also technically pass it through this port to drink. Or, you can use the large hydration pocket we’ve added to the back. This pocket fits a 2L hydration pack and also has a little port to bring the straw into the visor from behind your neck. If you’re working in a high-risk environment, this will allow you to stay hydrated without risking your safety. 

Third, we’ve added two side windows for improved peripheral views. Whether it’s looking before you cross the street, or getting a better view of your surrounding, the two side windows are designed to make you more comfortable as you go about your daily work. 


Sterile Drapes  

This is a feature that’s more for dentists, surgeons, and healthcare professionals that will be using the BioVYZR in medical procedures. We will be offering sterile medical drapes that can be clipped on to the BioVYZR from the outside, ensuring the entire visor is covered. These will be useful to prevent cross-contamination in healthcare settings. We don't have the full details on their packaging format and pricing, but we'll let you know as soon as it's ready. 


So what's the difference between the regular BioVYZR and the Medical one?

None. Now that we've incorporated the product feedback from healthcare professionals, the consumer and medical versions are now one and the same. We may have more specialized versions in the future, but for now, our early backers can expect the highest level of comfort and protection in the BioVZRs they'll be receiving. 

We'll be updating our campaign page and website to reflect these changes, but we wanted you to hear it first. Stay tuned for more photos and a demo video in the coming weeks!

Until then, be sure to stay safe and well.